1. Do you really talk to your swimmers in real time?  YES! You are now able to share your knowledge while the swimmers are swimming their sets, waiting at the wall, across the pool, and through their turn.  Exciting!
    2. Are they one size fits all?  Basically, yes.  All headsets have a stiff wire holding their shape, and swimmers can adjust the wire to best fit their head.  
    3. Do I have to put my swim cap over the headset, it gives me a headache? No, we don’t generally put the caps on over the MySwimEars™, our swimmers just put a goggle strap underneath the headset casing and it holds the MySwimEars™ on without pressing it to your head.  They stay on during any stroke with turns and underwater work as well. You might want to take them off for starts, though.
    4. Do they work with snorkels?  Yes, the straps for snorkels do not get in the way of the MySwimEars™. The MySwimEars™ can rest on top of, or under the snorkel straps. Since they typically rest below the base of the head, MySwimEars™ are out of the way for snorkel use.
    5. How do they turn on?  A long press of the On/Off - Function button located on the back of the headset.
    6. How do you change channels?  A quick press of the On/Off - Function button, cycles through the channels.
    7. Why do my swimmers hear static?  It could be a couple of things.  The swimmer and coach are not on the same channel, or the Wireless Microphone is turned off. The headsets will produce static if it doesn’t find a broadcast for the channel it is set on.
    8. What if a coach wants to saying something private, or not share with other swimmers using the MySwimEars™?  Our newest version, the Sprite, has a mute button.  
    9. Can you change the volume on the MySwimEars™?  Yes!  On MySwimEars™ v2.0 and newer, the users can adjust the volume for their comfort. 
    10. Does the Wireless Microphone and the MySwimEars™ follow FCC rules?  Good question, and the short answer is yes!  Now the long answer.  The wireless microphone works according to Title 47 – Telecommunications. If you are outside the US, please contact Kerry so we can work to ensure we follow all local and national rules. 
    11. How many coaches can use the Wireless Microphone?  You are allowed upto to 12 different channels, so you can have 12 coaches communicating to different groups.  
    12. Can more than one coach use the same channel on the Wireless Microphone?  Unfortunately, one coach per channel.  Coaches can broadcast on any of the 12 channels from any Wireless Microphone, so you can “hand off” a group of swimmers, as long as the previous coach changes theirs to a different channel.
    13. Can a swimmer listen to two channels at the same time?  MySwimEars™ can receive any of the 12 channels that the Wireless Microphone can broadcast, but is limited to receiving one channel at a time.
    14. How many kids can listen to their coach at one time?  Unlimited number of MySwimEars™ can connect with a coach's Wireless Microphone.  You can run the entire team through one coach, say during team warm-up, and once they go on to their groups, the swimmers change channels on the MySwimEars™ to hear their group coach.
    15. How far away can the coach be from the swimmers, and still be heard?  We have had success across a 50m pool on the opposite side.  Of course layouts, building materials, and space have influence, but we still get to connect to our swimmers turning turns on a 50m pool.
    16. Do you offer custom orders, specific to our teams’ needs?  Yes, please connect with Kerry@MySwimEars.com, and he can learn about your needs, and put something in place for your group.
    17. How often do you charge the MySwimEars™?  We charge the headsets every time before practice. The Wireless Microphone battery charge will last longer, and you can alternate what days you charge them.  
    18. How long do they take to charge?  They shouldn’t take more than an hour, and typically they are full of juice in 45 minutes.
    19. How long does a charge last?  We have used them for 3.5 hours without issue, and others have used them up to 6 hours.  As you pass 3 hours, and get closer to 5, you may notice some disruption when there is distance between swimmer and coach, that is an indication the battery is nearing empty.

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