Changes the way I coach! Best investment ever!

Just started using them. Amazing. I am correcting kids mid-repeat. Changes the way I coach. Best investment ever!

Rahul Sethna, CSCS, Head Boys & Girls Swimming Coach, Mundelein High School

Instruction can no longer be ignored or forgotten

Having the headsets at practice not only makes the swimmers more engaged, but the coaches as well. I've found that I'm way more consistent with giving stroke corrections because the swimmers are more likely to change what they're doing. Instruction can no longer be ignored or forgotten. The constant reminders have changed so  many swimmers' strokes in much less time than before!

Pristine Moran, SOCAL Aquatics Age Group Coach

Game changer for anyone looking to add fun to the monotony of staring at a black line

As a coach, I wanted to know what it was like for the kids using the headsets. I set up my coaches' mic on the deck connected to music and had a blast for two hours listening to  my favorite songs and doing a workout. This is a game changer for anyone looking to add fun to the monotony of staring at a black line. They are comfortable for extended use, easy to use, and plenty of battery life.

Kyle Brawley, SOCAL Aquatics Assistant to the Head Coach & Head Senior Coach

Get more done in a shorter period of time, Affordable

 "Your MySwimEars™ and Coach Mic is the best thing since ice cream and cherry pie. I use it every private lesson I give. The swimmers love it. I love it. I get more done in a shorter period of time and it enables me to give instant feedback.

I was a successful high school swimming coach at Washington High in Cedar Rapids, but I know we could have been better if MySwimEars™ and Coach Mic had been available while I was coaching.

How great is it to give valuable instruction to your team while they are swimming. I find that I have more energy since I do not have to stop the swimmers workout to help them. I just walk aside the pool and make suggestions. The swimmers can complete their workout on the same interval without interruptions. I give stroke suggestions, remind them of things to do on turns and we can use it to help learn how to pace for a certain race. I used to use music to help the workout tone with overhead speakers, but now we can use the MySwimEars™ and Coach Mic. 

It is affordable for most budgets, easy to use, easy to store and is a tremendous assistant coach. You can actually give instruction to all lanes at once, to individual lanes or select groups or individuals. 

What a fantastic product. A 'tip of the goggles' to you for offering this sensational product. I truly think every coach and program would benefit from MySwimEars™ and Coach Mic. 

Jim Voss, Retired Men's Swim Coach, Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, IA


The next step in the sport of swimming

"My athletes have loved the MySwimEars™ and enjoy the instant feedback and also love that they can listen to music during their swims. I believe this will be the next step in the sport of swimming. Megan and Kerry have found a way to advance the sport and I truly believe in this product!"

Joey Gracia, Assistant Head Coach Mission Viejo Nadadores


Communicating while they continue to swim is a Game Changer

"Loving MySwimEars™! Swimmers are responding and it is having a huge impact on all of our athletes. The ability to make immediate technique adjustments is crucial. Talking strategy and just plain communicating details while they continue to swim is a Game Changer!”

Dan Jacobs, Owner and Head Coach Machine Aquatics


Swimmers progress twice as fast and learn twice as much

“There have been very few technological advances that have the immediate and lasting impact that MySwimEars™ have had on my team. They progress twice as fast and learn twice as much.” 

Kyle Hastings, Head Coach Ransom Everglades


I never want to coach "normally" again

"I just coached my first practice (masters swimmers) with MySwimEars™. I never want to coach 'normally' again. BEST. THING. EVER. THANK YOU!"

Joe Denton, Coach San Francisco Tsunami Swimming and Synchro


I never realized how much energy it took to be repeating myself

"Using these is life-changing. I never realized how much energy it took to constantly be yelling, repeating myself and frustrated that I couldn't connect with more kids at the same time. This has allowed me to stay calm and further explain things while they are pushing off the wall."

Nick Chevalier, Head Coach WEST Coast Aquatics


Coaches engagement with the athletes increased dramatically

"The biggest advantage that we saw with our staff was the coaches engagement in the workout and with the athletes increased dramatically when the coach was using MySwimEars™."

Tim Teeter, Director and Head Coach  SET Swim Team


Not a fan of the other tools that use bluetooth

"Not a fan of the new communications that use bluetooth. Glad to have found you!"

Mike Jotautas, Owner/Head Coach at Swim Smooth Louisville


Improved legal swims and best times

 "We just had a big meet...I coach the littles and 93% legal swims out of 210 and 88% best times!! I attribute it to MySwimEars™!! Thank you! Not to mention I have a voice!! Thank you 🙏 thank you!!"

Rhonda Stouder - Rhonda Stouder, Developmental Coach, Billingham Bay Swim Team 


COVID-19 / Social Distancing

Social Distancing Across an Entire Pool Would Be Impossible without MySwimEars™

"Without MySwimEars™, coaching a social distancing workout across an entire pool would be impossible. Now all our kids can hear exactly what I'm saying without even having to raise my voice. They are a lifesaver!"

Ben Doswell, SOCAL Aquatics Masters Head Coach & Age Group Coach


A Primary Component of our COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan

 "The MOSTSwimTech head sets are a primary component of our COVID-19 re-opening plan. Both of our facilities are large and with one or two swimmers per lane spread out, we foresee as one of our most valuable tools moving forward in running daily workouts. It also alleviates any concern over close contact and the normal communication required, the ability to speak to swimmers constantly and not have the need to be in close contact really can dismiss any fear over swimmer or employee not being able to social distance. The headsets were valuable in the past and I truly feel as we moved forward in this new time, they will only prove to be a bigger asset to both swimmer and coach."

Mike DeBoor,  Head Coach Lakeside Seahawks, Louisville, KY



"I thought this was really good especially for coaches giving feedback to swimmers when they're swimming"

"I think it's actually very helpful because the coaches can talk to you about what you're doing and help you."

"I really liked it. I could actually swim correctly! Really nice device."



"MySwimEars™ has really elevated the level of swimming that our team and my swimmer personally has achieved."

"I could see my son change his stroke mid-pool in the middle of a set. You could tell the coach was talking specifically to him and you could see him change his technique immediately."

"My distance swimmer can continue to swim and receive feedback without stopping."

"With MySwimEars™ the swimmers are always swimming. So if you're working on something like a threshold or pace set there are no breaks. You're continuously working on your stroke or your aerobic or anaerobic level. The product allows the swimmer to keep working and working hard."