MySwimEars™ v2.0 FAQs

What do all these buttons mean?! 

A quick press of the On/Off button will turn the headset on.  When turning the MSEv2.0 on you will hear an audible ‘On’, and then ‘One’.  That means the headset is on and sharing what channel you are using.  Then a quick press of that same On/Off button will change channels.  You will again hear an audible announcement of the channel number.  You have twelve to cycle through!

Long pressing the On/Off button will turn the unit off.  Wait until you will hear an audible confirmation of ‘Off’ to know the unit is off, then release.  The Mode button is for our use to troubleshoot the headset and will essentially put the unit into a 5 minute hibernation.  You can quickly exit hibernation with a quick press of the On/Off button.

The Vol+ and Vol- buttons will change the volume level that user has for their headset.  There are 15 levels, and the swimmer will hear an audible note of what channel they changed too.   The Coach Mic has a universal volume control that will be heard across all headsets that are on its’ channel.

Tip: Audible announcements of ‘One Zero’ is ten, ‘One One’ is eleven, and ‘One Two’ is twelve.  Then it cycles back to channel one.   Volume will max out at ‘One Five’ or fifteen, and not cycle back.    

Static, all I hear is static! 

If the MSEs don’t have an active channel to listen too, you will hear static over the conduction pads.   This saves battery power, as substituting static with silence or Muzak would require more power.   Once a Coach Mic is on and the two units are on the same channel, the static should stop and the sounds from the mic take over.   To change channels on the Coach Mic there is a button on the side of the unit.  The unit will also share an audible announcement of its’ current channel.    Best location for the conduction pads is in front of or above the ear, so it is touching the head.  They do not go in or on the ear.  

How often do you charge the MySwimEars™?  

We charge the headsets after every practice.  The Coach Mic battery charge will last longer, and you can alternate what days you charge them.   

Are they really one size fits all?  

Basically, yes.  Please use goggle strap(s) and/or a cap to secure the headset in place.  Smaller heads will have more comfort with just using goggle strap(s).  They were built to be worn either under or above the swim cap, your preference!  Yes, we use them on starts, and flip-turns.  The MSEs may move a bit in the back, but should stay snug where it matters, which is where the conduction pad and head meet.  

Do they work with snorkels?  

Yes, the straps for snorkels do not get in the way of the MySwimEars™.  The MySwimEars™ can rest on top of, or under the snorkel straps. Since they typically rest below the base of the head, MySwimEars™ are out of the way for snorkel use. 

What if a coach wants to say something and not have the mic broadcast it?

We do one of three things on our team, 1) Turn down the Coach Mic to its lowest volume without turning it off and/or 2) remove the mic from your head area, and hold it in your cusped hand behind your body and/or 3) set the Coach Mic down and place our phone near the mic with music playing.

How many coaches can use the Coach Mic? 

You have up to 12 different channels, so you can have 12 coaches communicating to different groups.   

Can more than one Coach use the same channel on the Coach Mics?  

No, just one coach per channel.    

How many kids can listen to their coach at one time?  

An unlimited number of MySwimEars™ can connect with a coach's Wireless Microphone.  You can run the entire team through one coach, like during team warm-up, and once they go on to their groups, the swimmers change channels on the MySwimEars™ to hear their group coach.  Best analogy we have come up with is the MSEs are like car radios tuned into a radio station.  That station is located just once on the dial, but there are 12 different stations to tune into.  Every car within range can listen to any of the 12 stations, and an unlimited number of cars can listen in! 

How far away can the coach be from the swimmers, and still be heard?  

We have had success across a 50m pool corner to corner, and then some.  Of course layouts, building materials, water chemistry (salt!), and space have influence, but we still get to connect to our swimmers during turns on a 50m pool. 

Do you offer in person, live, demos?  

Yes!  We will be attending these meets in the future, and we always travel with our Ears!  Please let us know if you want to connect on deck during those meets, and we would be happy to show them to you and let you try them with your swimmers! 


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